The Story...

                      In 1984, a small shoe company called Nike began their search for someone  to market a basketball shoe in order for them to compete with Converse.  Around the same time, there was a player from the University of North Carolina named Michael Jordan who was ready to inter the N.B.A. draft. Nike offer Jordan several contracts, but they were all turned down. Jordan wanted a contract with Converse, because that was the shoe he wore in college, and wanted to continue wearing them. Converse  already had two big name player under contract, "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird, so they didn't need any other players to market their shoes.
After going to Nike's headquarters and watching a three hour presentation, Jordan was talked into a $2.5 million contract, for five years by his agent and the heads of Nike. Within the contract Jordan was offered his own signature shoe line, The Air Jordan. This would cement Nike's grip on popular basketball shoes. Now Jordan has become a premium brand of footwear and apparel inspired by the dynamic legacy and direct involvement of Michael Jordan.