Black American Cloth Rag Dolls

Often made by mothers & other caregivers. As money & material goods were scarce for many families, corncobs or socks were often used as the doll body. Fabric scraps were used for the arms, legs & clothing. It was not unusual for a mother to create her child's doll by simply knotting whatever fabric scraps she could find.

Black Baby  Dolls

Some Black American dolls date back to th
e days of slavery. Before the Civil War, it is said these women fashioned black face dolls dressed in calico as playthings for the white children in their care. The doll maker used whatever bits and pieces were handy. Commercially made dolls began to appear toward the end of the 19th century. Many have hand-oil painted faces

Dolls Made to look like  Black celebrities.
The first Doll made to look like a Black celebrity was Diahn Carole in the early 70's.
Today there are dolls that are created to look like famous black celebrities.
Some of these celebrities include MC Hammer, Destiny Child, Venus and Serena Williams,  Brandy and Jackie Joyner Kersee.