Art 511  New Communications Technologies

Links to Projects and Exemplary Sites  (Details of assignments available at art 511 telecom course home site)
Conceptual Information Arts Program, SFSU
Fall, 2004

Low- Technology Telecommunications

Color Coded Signals
Derrick and Blake's Low Tech Project
Umbrella Morse Code
utilizing umbrellas and morse code as a form of low tech communication
low Tech assignment 1
A hand pulley system with strings, pen and paper, and stakes is devised for a successful form of low tech communication

Political Commentary Sites

2004 Election Get Informed and Vote!
An informational website to get young Americans motivated to vote!
Draft "Bob"
write-in campaign for "Bob" Dobbs and his Church of the SubGenius*
If you love BUSH you should check this out for sure
I created this site especially for BUSH LOVERS, as a slap in the face.
Just Vote
Ten reasons why young people should go to the polls this November.
Kerry Vs Bush
Inform yourself make a choice and don't forget to go out and Vote.
Stay tuned for the next episode!
Where They Stand
This is a site that comments on the media and where they stand in their support for a presidential candidate.
fronting the front
experimental fronts
nick assign. #4
parody of presidential election
promotion of works with election format

Final Project - Sites Focused on Information Niches

"J's" (Too) Personal Interest Page
my parody of the personal interest site'spage.htm
"J's" (Too) Personal Interest Page (for inferior browsers)
internet explorer is hella lame. if you still use it, so are you.
Abstracted Senses
Air Jordan
The Legacy of the Air Jordan Basketball Shoe
NICK AT 415 509 7119
Bay Area Photography Network
This is my initial attempt at highlighting the Bay Area Photography scene.
History Of Black Dolls
A brief history of Black dolls. A summary that looks at most varities of dolls.
Rollerskating Midwest
Kitchy memorabilia of rollerskating and rollerskating trends in the U.S. particularily in the midwest
Society of Insects
Click to discover...
Sound and Place
How recorded sound can represent a place
Title: Waiting, This project shows panorama images of waiting place in San Francisco. enjoy.
XO: Have you heard Elliott Smith?
a fond farewell to an incredible song writer
art agitation
there u go

Web Camera Student Experiments

Blake's Cat Cam
watch my cats play!
Masterpiece Puppet Theatre
an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 Scene 2
Ryan's Moving Apartments Cam
This is a setup of dual webcams that will broadcast my Dec. 5th move from one place to an identical one 3 floors higher.
Seven Wonders
The Gold Fish cam
View inside the world of my gold fish
gallery window
this project is made for people who wait somebody in the gallery's entrance.
zen and the art of growing orchids....
zine making cam
zine! by webcam (the hippest way to make make life harder)

Interesting Web Cam Links

Central City
Central city takes you on a trip to different landscapes or cities that exist on another dimension, and it also enables you to modify the space and its sound. without actually being there.
Dentist office
If you don't like going to the dentist maybe you will like watching others in the dentist's chair. Its good because you can see how the dentist interacts with his patients before you go for your first visit.
French Laundry
Watch the French doing their washing in Strasbourg.
Funeral Home Cam
This is a webcam that broadcasts funerals live on the internet. Need I say more?
L.A. Avenue cam
Guys drives around (probably cab) and Films L.A. -First contantly moving cam I've seen, moving fast enough to get a tour of a major city.
 Interesting because we can now get a first hand account of what a place is really like at that exact moment in time,
 not just a stationary view.
Lawrence Hall of Science
Bay Area view from Lawrence Hall of Science
Masterpiece Puppet Theatre
an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 Scene 2
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Shark, Otter, and Penguin cams.
Mount Fuji
Webcam in Japan, only avairable during day time there, so I linked to the gallery...
New York Times Square
a look at the streets of New York: this web cam is fast
Oil Painting
Watch an artist paint scenic painting live. A great way to advertise his paintings.
Surveilance Camera Players
This group seeks to subvert the common nature of surveilance technology with targeted actions which question their neccesity
ghostwatcher in irish linen mill
http://look to description for link. it didnt copy here.
world's first permanent underwater reef cam!

03 Interesting Web  Cam links

traffic-cam - your window to the Rebbe's shul!
Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters Main Synagogue - Crown Hights, Brooklyn, NY - Streaming Audio and Video of the daily Prayers and Torah Classes
Bay Area Traffic Report
Helpful for the commute
Bojangle's Saloon + Restaurant Alice Springs
Live webcam in the Bojangles Saloon & Restaurant in Alice Springs, Australia
CIA Monitor Lab Cam
Sherrie and Bryan document the institutionalized lives of CIA lab monitors. Please keep the info under wraps.
Bringing the homeless in to your home. Are you home less than the homeless?
Grandma's House Cam
the front of my garadma's house in Campbell
Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Cam
Self Explanitory
Live Deformed Frog Cam
Mark Asleep Cam
Is Mark stuck in traffic, or still asleep? Find out here!
Pratt Institute in New York
an art school, their CIA rocks
Rabbit's Psychedelic International WebCam Happening
A chance to interact with a wild and crazy (but never malevolent0 group of eclectic funsters camindex.html
SMS Monitoring and Control Demo
EZIO for the web
San Francisco Exploratorium Roof Cam
This camera view captures live images of San Francisco Bay from the roof of the Exploratorium.
Top of Night Live Camera
Thefirst publicly telerobotic,live Internet Camera in the San Francisco Bay Area
Watch Me Draw
I love to draw people using charcoal it's so real.I draw faces to bring forward the human face behind the computer screen. Watch me draw whether it is someone in my own room or the person I see in the chat room.
Webcam Kitchen Studies
Timed webcam study of my son and I doing art, fridgecam takes pic on opening of fridge, motion detection and news
Would you like to be my neighbor? Also chatting with bodypainters
let's find out about my neighbors.
pukunco Live Cam
A cute cat from Japan.
have a look...

Exemplary Web Art Sites

Hell's Lounge
The arty facade of an alternate web experiment
A is for Apple
An incredible Flash-created hypermedia experience focused on the forbidden fruit
Adam Freeland's official site
The fabulous Flash site of a mediocre electronic musician

Sometimes photographic, sometimes literary, sometimes personal, political and always delicious for the eyes.
Poetic Dialogues
Using the first wristwatch camera these artists streamline video dialogues that flow together like poetry. I like watchng it even without the sound. ~ART
This is my photography, not really the assignment
I took these photos mostly inside a box that I built.

Best of the Web
experimental digital photography
top web art newest additions

Web Art: bzzzpeek
This site offers audio samples of kids' talk in different countries. Cross cultural visual and sound representations reminds me the sense of childhood
This site introduces meals in air planes. I was surprised at a variety of mobile foods. Now I'm hungry.
forces of nature
This is an educational site about natural disasters. I like how they present infos.

Web art- boards of canada
uses music and interactive art together to create an interesting alternative to music videos. Boards of canada showcases their music while the user experiments with the art.-RP
Web art-Poetic Dialogues
-Digital watch camera films people while reciting pieces of poetry in a dialogue with eachother. This reminds me of the dadaist 's exercises. With all the possible combinations, you could get a knew poem everytime you visit the site. Uses classic art such as poetry and film with modern concepts like randomness and modern technology - RP
non art- Shutterfly
Users can crop and share photos, and have prints sent to them. This is a pretty cool site because most people don't know what to do with their photos once they are on their computer. You can have professional photos without buying expenssive printers, editing programs and photo paper. - RP

99 rooms
A darker side of what you can do with web art. has cool sound effect to gp along with the pictures
Museum of Web Art
Displays different aspects of web art in a virtual museum. shows everything from banners to still pictures with special effects.

A really cool interactive site where the user can visually be at the places recorded by the artist and move through the locations at will. A very versatile site with possibilities for travel info, architecture, etc.
seeing tests
A simple site but a good idea in application. It shows a good method of educational practice in vision. It would serve well in art instruction.
virtual tours
Nothing visually new. I just thought it looked cool and it is packed with information.

This site is experimental, the design and graphics are incredible as well as strong. You are able to interact with the main character/s in very different ways using your key board or mouse. CLF.
This site explores "type" as an organism , and it offers several oportunities to interact with the site.. CLF
Listening Post is an instalation that reveals the incredible mass of human communication in the internet .CLF
Creative Commons
The information architecture of the site is such that visitors can easily find the information they seek. Colors and design are kept minimal to ensure that focus remains on the content. The ideas found behind this site contain the true revolution: to “help define the spectrum of possibilities between full copyright – all rights reserved – and the public domain – no rights reserved."
GOOGLISM will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!
Habbo Hotel
This is the most impressive website I've ever seen. This is definitely the future of communication in some fashion. I have heard of other sites that are trying to do this. The Matrix movies are going to come out with a city, just just a hotel, like this where you can really live in cyber space.
Nude Messenger
This site uses minimal colors but the inventive graphics and concept invite users to play. Visitors are also given some sense of control as they can “design” their own nude message to send to a recipient.
THX 1138
This is the website created for themovie THX 1138 which was George Lucas's first feature film. The site is not intuitive at all. The links are not obvious, you have to search for them. This site demands a whole new breed of INTELLIGENT web surfers that are actually thinking about what is it they're looking for instead of aimlessly clicking like they're channel surfing.
Taking Over The Internet
Visually, this site overwhelms the user with a black background and blinking galleries of stars. The graphics chosen are bold and form a strange collage of outdated animated gifs and flaming letters. The strange appearance of this site draws the user in to the even stranger content. The text on this site is a conglomeration of apocalyptic chatter regarding the illuminati and the formation of one mind via the internet.
all about lily chou-chou
digital essence. net convergence and creation. one and so many.
they rule
its not conspiracy
offers an electronic lesson in the art of meditation.
offers an electronic lesson in the art of meditation.

constant read of newsfeeds and determines most active words hour by hour
GPS World online issue
Landscape Art of the AlpenRhein
discussion possibilities
Global Land Cover Facility
The Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) provides earth science data and products to help everyone to better understand global environmental systems. In particular, the GLCF develops and distributes remotely sensed satellite data and products that explain land cover from the local to global scales.
The NOAA Coastal Services Center is an office within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration devoted to serving the nation's state and local coastal resource management programs
Promotion Robotics Show December11,2003
Directions, info robotics show
USGS Landsat
Landsat Project Website
Useful and interesting RS sites
mega link list great
cross browser compatability chart
which browsers support which style sheet attributes
Various Satellite Images WTC
javascript cross platform for sound - wilson workaround
I wrote a routine that will perhaps work with all browsers
links to sites with style sheet compatability info
netscape composer tutorial
guide to using composer
seybold conference link
web camera software
web sites on art and race
Mendi Obadike and Keith Obadike Blackness for Sale <> Interaction of Coloreds <> keeping up appearances, a hypertextimonial <
http://see below
webcamera links