Preproduction Trials + Tribulations :

In keeping with the free wheeling nature of the site and the expected participants
Johnathon who was to provide the room and the OS 10 Mac set up suddenly departed Monday Morning for a road trip with his friend upon which they will be doing various lucrative jobs of some sort

Robert Twohey (graveyard desk manager )and I attempt to get all the ducks in a row for this event
using equipment in the office which is PC
Not much luck as I can't seem to get the software to the stage where I can configure
It's very late
I am recovering from a cold
Too much iunsanity at the desk -although would make very good web cam content
Must Sleep Must Sleep

Rabbit!  Who has been using his computer and web cam to communicate/commune with various Friends/Dead House Around the World...might just be who and what i am looking for

First attempt in Rabbit's Room seems to indicate positive results with this course of action

Brian, a roommate, will hopefully be an asset
lots of SRO insaniaty in here also but more interesting and humorous than anything potentially malevolent!

I hope that the noise I hear coming from down the hall early AM will not lead to any situation preventing the smooth execution of this attempted project.