The Concept

The place which I currently call home is a kind of Hotel/Rooming House/Hostel which is conveniently located in Downtown San Francisco
Unlike some downtown SROs my fellow residents + various more transient hostel guests  are an eclectic mix of artists, travelers, musicians, bicycle repairers, tarot card readers, hackers of all forms of machines, an Irish security guard, Bangladeshi management, 2 Polish Guys, a luscious pedicab driver
Almost all are very computer literate and use the internet to communicate to many corners of the planet. I will attempt to set up an event-perhaps ongoing-where the fellow residents will be offered the opportunity to expand their communications to another level-Pictures! Web Cam! Movie Stars!
AS an attempt at preproduction I have asked as many residents as possible to forewarn their various internet acquaintance of the forthcoming event. Some grousing about time difference has occured but for the most part I have been received well-as a competent + caring organizer of a meaningful event.