How about some new ideas people considerations solutions and perhaps some freshly rearranged synapses as in learning?
Actually sit and consider a logical manner in which to at least place myself in regards to these issues
Since I have rather abruptly come to the realization thatthe internet  as  savior of the world ain't gonna' play out as I was thinking it would

                               Social Ecology and Telepresence

Realities mixed virtual absolute and otherwise
                              Utopian Promises Capitalistic Betrayals

and it all once again begins with thatbasic  question

Simply is my glass half full or half empty
can I at least figure out some way(amusing and satisfying) to pretend that the center does hold(in my case anyway)

BE I  cyberrealist?  Dystopian?

BE I  Cyberutopian Utopian?

And does it really matter
and If I inevitably will decide it does
even if it doesn't


and to whom might one look in order to begin to test the future waters