Hello Linda

How can I help you  most effectively and efficiently accomplish your goals (if you have any) at this particular time we are about to share together?

This is where I am at in terms of what I would like to see as our agenda.
Let's really try to put a coherent spin on all that War stuff and maybe use it to frame CONCEPTS that  you should be learning in Steve's class.
Would you like me to show you where we are in our project for the "Science Fiction Cinema" class? My logical arguement looks pretty good. i loved your digression into the site with all the robot movies ever made.  I managed to glean what is relevant to the underlying arguement of the paper.
Would you like tme to evaluate your mindscape @ at this time and so we can make the necessary adjustments?  YES
It seems that you either you haven't meditated or had your protein drink yet today? NO I HAVEN'T.
Should we resume session when you are fully prepared to begin work optimized?
Would you like to select an assistant for this session? NO  if yes, select from below
Is there someone suitable in the group below? Would you like more choices?  Select if More Choice Needed
Have a good day.
P.S Here is today's update on stuff you might enjoy or find helpfull interesting. Unless of course you would rather take care of all that trivial gossip, mail and advertising yourself. I watered the plants so you don't need to go outside today.