What is VERSE and how does it work?
						With the current advancements in technology, what was previously
						deemed impossible is now a reality.  Fiber Optic Modem (FOM) technology
						has revolutionalized information transfer, creating speeds and loading
						times faster than users can possibly handle them.  With this technology,
						it is now possible to create a shared online area (or virtual space) allowing
						real-time collaborations between users in different parts of the globe.

This Shared Online User Resource Collaboration Environment (SOURCE) allows software developers to integrate communication systems for their software that provide users with cooperative computer applications. Companies like Propellerhead, Emagic, Digidesign, and Steinberg have adapted this technology into their sequencing software, allowing two users running the same software on two different computers to sync their programs and create a single application environment. Essentially, both users are able to control the same application simultaneously, allowing for collaboration at an unprecidented level.

VERSE is the virtual environment we provide, allowing users to run any number of software applications and also access up to 40 gigs of saved material.
The VERSE application is necessary for operation, it creates a private network with your virtual space and utilizes your internet connection to connect you to other machines. This network allows file uploads for sharing, and when applications are activated via VERSE's slave mode, the software converts your actions into a data file on the network. This file is read by the other users constantly and is projected on to their screen, creating a realtime environment.
VERSE will only update actions that occur in applications running on all computers, allowing for users to open software outside of the environment. Users may also enable or disable the realtime updates in order to free up CPU power for other audio applications.