Art and Telecommunications | Cathy Leather | Fall 2003


Welcome to Fridgecam

The world's leading surveillance camera for refridgerators. Catch invaders in your home right at the point of doing the unthinkable, like drinking right from the liquid refreshments in your refridgerator. Or catch the babysitter snacking out when she should be feeding your child. Fridgecam has proven to be useful to thousands of homeowners concerned about the safety of their homes, food and refridgerators.

Fridgecam spots an intruder who hides cleverly behind the fridge door, exposing the room to Fridgecam's watchful eye.

The intruder is shocked to see a camera behind the innocent looking capers, cleverly hiding Fridgecam.

A second intruder misses the camera and is looking mighty thirsty.

Oh no, he's reaching for something...

The unthinkable! He is drinking right from the open can and returns it to the fridge.

She slowly looks in, wondering what to make for dinner.

But wait, what's that on her head? Headphones? Is she not listening to her family? Is she tuning them out in favor of "A Prarie Home Companion"?

Although she might appear to be looking for leftover ratatouille, she's really hiding from Fridgecam. Realizing she's been caught she's taken off her headphones.

She asks, "Is it leftover 1 or leftover 2 tonight?" Does she ever cook? Maybe Fridgecam can help answer that question.

Fridgecam snaps the picture before the intruder can snap fridgecam. A nervous battle of clicking sounds rages at the refridgerator door.