Art and Telecommunications | Cathy Leather | Fall 2003


Art and dialog with my son.

While my son and I were doing art projects at the kitchen table I turned a webcam on us and captured frames every couple of minutes. This is an excerpt of some of the frames and dialog that occured while we made blotter art and hanging planet mobiles.

Q: "What do you think this looks like?"
A: "A teddy bear. The teddy bear's name is Sammy and his mommy is Sammy too. And he goes to my preschool. The mommy is sad because she turns into a tooby hooby (alien type guy). And the owner of the house they live in is taking them to jail because they weren't very patient."

Q: "What about this one?"
A: "A really cool butterfly that would go up in the air."

Q: "Is there a cow in outer space?"
A: "No. Why do you think there's a cow in outer space."
A: "Because one jumped over the moon."

Q: "What planet is this?"
A: "Mars."
Q: "What do you know about Mars?"
A: "It's really dusty up there. Sometimes they clean it up!"

Q: "What planet is the one you're hanging up?"
A: "Saturn."
A: "Guess again. It's the planet that we live on."
A: "Saturn. Can I make the planet we live on Saturn?"