Art and Telecommunications | Cathy Leather | Fall 2003


Artful Insights (click)

Artful Insights is a webcam study of my son and I creating blotter art and planet hanging mobiles. This study is a mixture of webcam images, artwork and snippets of conversation that happened at that time.

TimeFrames (click)

Timeframes is a piece that overlays motion detection captures with up-to-the-minute news headlines, juxtaposing two events happening at the same time, one seemingly mundane, the other newsworthy.

Fridgecam (click)

Fridgecam is presented as a satire on surveillance, a popular application for webcam technology.

Fridgecam is a study of shots taken from the inside of my fridge based on value of light in the refridgerator. If the light value increases by the door opening then 3 shots are taken of the person who opened the fridge.