Art and Telecommunications | Cathy Leather | Fall 2003


In the future mobile devices will probably combine phone, web surfing, game playing, camera and photo processes, and e-mail to name a few applications. Does this amalgamation of technology serve to connect people? Or does it disconnect people? If so, from what or whom are they being "disconnected?" What are the benefits of combining all of these computer-communications applications into a small screen mobile environment? "MobileSurf" is a prototype of an alternative browser that demonstrates some of the issues facing society as we move technological processes into a more compact, mobile and perhaps less ergonomic platform.

Cultural Impact


"MobileSurf" is a prototype of a WAP browser for mobile internet devices that may potentially make use of OLED screen technology. It appears that one of the primary applications for OLED technology will be in the mobile market. If true, there will be an opportunity for more sophisticated mobile browsing than currently available in terms of screen size and mobile device functionality enabled by the web.
My proposal would envision a flexible pop-up OLED display that would flip up from a closed position to an approximate screen size of 4x5", allowing a user a larger display than currently available. Due to OLED's lightweight flexibility it is conceivable that this kind of display might be possible in the future. If the display popped up from a closed and folded storage position on a PDA or Mobile Phone one consideration would be the degree of creasing in the OLED property. This would be a design consideration.
The browser itself would be a personalized browser that would be geared to a mobile user.


2:45 pm