Treatment advice for Moqui Marbles






Moqui Marbles are living stones. Treat them like friends, talk to them, take care of them, be nice and stroke them regularly.

Even though Moqui Marbles might spend the day in different pockets, make sure they are together again at night.

Moqui Marbles like the company of other gemstones, especially hematite and crystal.

Moqui Marbles love the light of the setting sun, they need it to get charged with energy. Put them out as often as you can.

Moqui Marbles love the light of the fullmoon. Many of them change positions during fullmoon nights

Never ever put them in a drawer or in a dark corner.

It is said that Moqui Marbles that weren't treated well will decompose to dust or dissapear at night on fullmoon rays.