Moqui Marbles are born as couples by weathering out of multi-colored sandstones.

The exact place where they are found has been kept secret by the Indians since many centuries.



  Moqui cross-sectionSee a Moqui cross section
The femal stone The male stone  

Moquis are compacted sandstones encased in a shell of hematite (iron)




Moqui Marbles are energy stones which have positive effects on your whole body. Their energy flow frees you from mental blokades. They support your immune system, promote your will power and endurance as well as give you psychic stability. And they not only work on humans, but also on plants and animals. To activate their energy gently stroke the stones while you are holding them in your hands.Ideally you should take Moqui Marbles with you the whole day. The energy flow is best if the male stone is in your right pocket and the female stone in the left.

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