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Two years ago I moved to L.A. in order to start a new job. Along with the new job, I also began a new life; only it turned out to be a very unhappy life. Due to my long 12-hour workdays, there was little time for anything else. I had difficulties meeting people, and as a result was constantly lonely and unhappy. My colleagues were the only people I knew, but they were just as busy as I was, and had their own lives to live. It seemed there was never time available to go on vacation, and even If there had been, I had no one to go with. Living in L.A. I also desperately needed a car, but despite my long hours working, the pay was bad, and I simply could not afford one. As time passed I began to become a very bitter and increasingly negative person.
Then one day, my sister came to visit and she gave me a pair of Moqui Marbles. You wouldn’t believe how much this changed my life. Nothing’s left from that unhappy person I used to be. Moqui Marbles helped me discover unknown energies.
Since that day, I have quit my dead end job moved to Hawaii, now have my own business and have recently purchased a very large house. I have many friends here in Hawaii, and am well known for throwing the best parties around.
I can really say that thanks to my dearest Moqui Marbles, as I am a completely different person now.



Andrew P., 35 years, Honolulu.


I was never brave enough to admit to myself how unhappy I was in my relationship. Somehow deep inside I always knew that whatever love I once had for my boyfriend was no longer there. But having been together for almost 11 years, I somehow developed a dependency on him and was no longer my own person. My entire life revolved around our relationship. I gave up my friends, family and home for him, and spent many nights waiting for him to come home from work. Sometimes he never came, and I would just lie there crying myself to sleep, wondering where it all went wrong.
Then one day I ran into an old friend of mine. We talked a little about my relationship, and she just couldn’t believe how much I had changed, how pathetic and weak I had become. She then gave me a pair of these incredibly wonderful Moqui Marbles.
From the beginning on, I felt that they gave me an unknown energy. So I began to spend lots of time with them, took them out on a walk, or laid them next to me when I went to see the sunset. Slowly but certainly I started to wake up from my apathy and began to think more about my life. I started to realize that for many years I had not been my own person. From that moment on, I knew what I had to do, and with this newfound energy I was strong enough to break up with my boyfriend, and to lead a life of my own.
Today I am single, but at the same time very happy. I now feel confidant and free, and am able to do what I want, when I want. I can choose my friends, I can choose when and what I want to eat, and when to go to bed. I am truly happy now.



Mandy, 24 years, Oakland.


I am a spiritual healer, and have long been searching the world for special stones with extraordinary healing qualities. Then one day I came across someone who highly recommended the craftsmanship of Moqui Marbles. I am fascinated by the high spiritual quality of these excellent energy stones. I am currently using my Moquis to free people from their fears of earthquakes and fires. Moqui Marbles are extremely powerful in their divining qualities; truly a new dimension has opened up in our lives.
I couldn't be more pleased with the Moqui Marbles. They are so responsive to peoples needs. Nothing I have ever used has responded so quickly or smoothly. I am deeply happy with the Moquis and highly recommend them to everyone.




Anatole, 44 years, San Francisco


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