Left Behind

Do you know where you have been?


Then show us.
WE'RE WATCHING YOU NOW artist rendition of Left Behind How

The shortest distance between two points is your line.

btrak co.

Do you know where you have been? Find out with Left Behind the only way to leave your mark without leaving a mark.

With Left Behind you can:

How does it work?


I was amazed to see where I've gone, btrak's Left Behind services really brought me closer to the fans and let me travel the path less travelled

J.Doe, Musician

Left Behindworks with any GPS device simply by keeping track of the information on a set locating session. Sessions are stored into btrack databases and then reconstructed and shown visually as your own path. And since in any one session you have infinite possibilities of where to go, Left Behind has an infinite outcome. Make your line stand out and show it to the world. That's it! Simple. Easy. And all determined by you.

Why get Left Behind?

Why not. See what kind of line you walk on. We move a lot and we go many places but how can you know where to go if you don't know where you have been? The use of Left Behind shows you simply where you have gone so you can go!


I can't believe how well this works. This service takes playing "follow the leader" to another level. Thanks btrak.

LL. Bean, Traveller

The world is canvas,

leave your mark.

We're Watching Over You
Void Where Prohibited

Left Behind products are for novelty use. Information of travel sessions that are collected at btrak may be used for research purposes. Any submissions to that of btrak from such services provided of visually GPS mapping by Left Behind products is subject to study and research. By submitting coordinates of a GPS unit session that individual agrees to the terms of research and/or study.