Plan "A" and Plan "B"


Objective Communicate across the length from the library to the gym.

Plan "A"

Plan "A" consisted of a two line system of a basic telephone setup. Section one included two coffee cans connected together with 50 lbs. test fishing line over 3/4 of the specified distance. Section two had a similar setup only on a shorter scale in comparison to section one. Instead of coffee cans, soup cans were used. The two line system required the help of three people. One person would talk through one section and said message would then be relayed to a reciveing end and then repeated again to the opposite end.

Plan "B"

Plan "B" consicted of a simple frisbee with an envelope attached to the bottom. The idea of Plan "B" is that messages would travel by literally being thrown to it's destination.


What really happened.

In attempting to try to communicate through this primitive way of message sending problems occured. Oh how they occurred. Plan "A" did work but the lines that connected the cans together became tangled and obstructed the path of people who came across the line. The great distance required that the interactors for this basic telephone system be alert and aware of the line. This line system did work however the sounds from the cans were faint and difficult to hear due to setup as well as outside noise.

The use of Plan "B" seemed promising in early research and development. But testing proved that this type low tech communication was uneffiecient and innacurate in delivery method. On the first throw of Plan "B" the message was dropped from the frisbee carrier and the message had to be re-attached and relayed back onto it's proper destination. Eventually the message was relayed but the overall time wasn't fast enough.



Both palns for communicating across a long distance had it's ups, downs, and tangles. This project explained the issues that had to be dealt with when devolping a way to communicate over great distances. Plan "A" did work, but had it's limtations from the connecting lines and the clarity of the message being sent and recieved. Plan "B" did work as well but wasn't accurate and involved a really physical aspect in order to communicate.

Bryan Riate
Fall 2003