CIA Lab Monitor Cam
See how the institutionalized bide their time.

The institutionalized monitors: Subject Sherrie and Subject Bryan.

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Tuesday Nov.25


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Myth has it that the infamous CIA lab in SF State is run by elves or other 'magical' beings. Well, close enough. The lab is run by, none other, than the (un)fortunate souls hand-picked for their loyalty and amount of friends in relation to the amount of time they have on their hands.

Though staying within the lab for an unspeakable amount of time can have its consequences, the monitors are bestowed with a few advantages: access to the machines and the oh-so-functional printers at any time (except when the scary maintenance person comes in) and the ability to kick anyone out of the lab when they feel fit.

But even if these individuals have the advantage of having their work done on time (ok, not really, but we'd like to think so), the consequences can prove questionable, if not fatal (ok, not really). Even when a breather is needed, these dedicated folk still feel the need to remain within the vicinity of the lab -some say it's because they fear the possibility of having their files suddenly erased by a passing stranger.

Stills from a not-so-high-tech camera document two lab monitors as they slave away on their assignments, keep tabs on users, and spend their free time (if any).










































Past Episodes


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How-to View

Due to minor technical difficulties and heightend security, in order to view inside the "C/IA Lab" you must either E-mail Sherrie or Bryan 15 minutes prior to viewing times. When your request has been recieved you will be sent a link to the web camera location.




Enjoy and please don't discuss the outside world to the institutionalized.

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The Emperor.




















Sherrie Dandan

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