Art 511  Art and Telecommunications

Student Art Projects & Links    Fall,03

Ass 1 Low Tech Communications

ASCII CODE Communication
Low tech communication by using Ascii code <sujeung &linda>
Balloon Communication
Low Tech Communication by Mark and Cornelia
Dave and Cathy use color coded cards
lowtech communication using color coded cards
Plan "A" vs. Plan "B"
The story of cans, string, and a frissbee
S. Dandan, S. Shannon's low tech communication: wired method
low tech method constructed from bamboo sticks, fishingline, and a hook
String and Pully Line
Low Tech Communication by Andy and Kay

Ass 2  Exemplary Web Art Sites

Sites outside of traditional art context
A is for Apple - Siggraph 03
A "choose your own adventure" through history strings related to the apple. Cool video, interactive graphics, and creative navigation.
Donnie Darko Web Page
This is the web page of the film Donnie Darko directed by Richard Kelly
Exploritorium Seeing
Fresh Mix-Siggraph 03
Great animation, interactive project using database, innovative idea and useful (for smoothie lovers)
Homework #2-<cool site>
Well-constructed, and designer's projects are innovative and experimental
Homework#2 <webbys 2003 >
This site is visually attractive and artistic. I felt like I was reading a magazine. I enjoyed their choice of musics and photos.
Homework#2<siggraph 2003 web expo>
I enjoyed simple navigation, and cool animation.( very unique)
La vida es corta / Antonio mendoza [Estados Unidos-Cuba]
lots of experimental flash animations. source is downloadable
Motion Sickness
web art that moves with your cursor
Processing: A Context for Learning Interactive Web Graphics - Siggraph 03
See and play with examples of interactive web graphics. The code is displayed under each example. Fun and informative for developing interactive graphics.
this site is for a shoe company, but the creative navigation, and arty graphics puts it into a whole new group of web sites
Web designer, excellent site animations.
Stop Motion Studies-ARS Electronica-Distinction 03
Narrative using digital photography of people on subways, airports, etc.
Studios Pixel: Extreme Animations for the Web
Web animation company site with easy, but aesthetically appealing animations to accompany each section of animation.
Typorganism - Siggraph
wow, check out the motionsickness - it actually makes you sick
Web Feats
Incredible flash animation, great sounds, one of the best constructed sites I've seen.
a web based mars simulator
explore the planet Mars with realistic habitats, rockets, ground cars, and robots.
fresh mix - Siggraph
you can make a shake and get the nutritional value too!
A shockwave interactive site that allows users to create as they discover how to manipulate the stage area.
sounds from around the world
This site was an interesting study of language. i liked the interface and the simplicity of the site
stop motion studies
short films and pictures of people in the subway. The artist is interested in non-verbal communication and body language as well as in the reaction of the people being photographed.
studio pixel: extreme animation for web - Siggraph
user interactivity and cool animation makes it interesting
webby-broadband (non netart)
Could be described as entertaining interactive radio, radio meets the web.

Ass 3   Web services

Browser 3D
A new browsing experience.
Paypal gives you the convenience of wiring money via the web. Efluids gives donors, doctors, and patients in need the convenience of the web to give and receive vital bodily fluids.
Fish Watch
Keeping track of our oceans fish populations
Left Behind
Tracking where you've been
Liquid Solutions: When "Smart" Objects Act Dumb
Restoration of Peace and Harmony -Mix and Match Personas, Avatars and Scenarios in order to solve attitude or performance problems :Arrogant Appliances/Delinquent Devices
Web service that provides meditation for you!
Missing Mittens
Find your Missing Mitten online
Surfer's Oasis
come and relax...
Online Shared Studio Space
the Dream Alchemist
web services-Ambience
Audio Visual plasma tv presentations based on natural or programmed events

Ass 4  Web Camera Event

Name - your window to the Rebbe's shul!
Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters Main Synagogue - Crown Hights, Brooklyn, NY - Streaming Audio and Video of the daily Prayers and Torah Classes
Bay Area Traffic Report
Helpful for the commute
Bojangle's Saloon + Restaurant Alice Springs
Live webcam in the Bojangles Saloon & Restaurant in Alice Springs, Australia
CIA Monitor Lab Cam
Sherrie and Bryan document the institutionalized lives of CIA lab monitors. Please keep the info under wraps.
Bringing the homeless in to your home. Are you home less than the homeless?
Grandma's House Cam
the front of my garadma's house in Campbell
Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Cam
Self Explanitory
Live Deformed Frog Cam
Mark Asleep Cam
Is Mark stuck in traffic, or still asleep? Find out here!
Pratt Institute in New York
an art school, their CIA rocks
Rabbit's Psychedelic International WebCam Happening
A chance to interact with a wild and crazy (but never malevolent0 group of eclectic funsters camindex.html
SMS Monitoring and Control Demo
EZIO for the web
San Francisco Exploratorium Roof Cam
This camera view captures live images of San Francisco Bay from the roof of the Exploratorium.
Top of Night Live Camera
Thefirst publicly telerobotic,live Internet Camera in the San Francisco Bay Area
Watch Me Draw
I love to draw people using charcoal it's so real.I draw faces to bring forward the human face behind the computer screen. Watch me draw whether it is someone in my own room or the person I see in the chat room.
Webcam Kitchen Studies
Timed webcam study of my son and I doing art, fridgecam takes pic on opening of fridge, motion detection and news
Would you like to be my neighbor? Also chatting with bodypainters
let's find out about my neighbors.
pukunco Live Cam
A cute cat from Japan.
have a look...

Assignment 5  Alternative Browser

Sensor Browser
A simple browser automatically detects and eliminates pop up and distractions.
Body Browser
Customize your browser to your body and health needs
Markrosoft Internet Exploder
Explode your computer, and your internet experience! (800x600 minimum resolution)
Hasn't passed smog check...yet
Web Connection
Conveniently customize your browser to links you prefer
Web Warrior
Navigate the Battlefields of Information Space and Witness the Carnage of the Browser Wars. Check that your own sites work on several browsers.
Your Best Friend Browser
A browser that takes care of everything you want it to and maybe more
alternative-future mobile browser
future mobile browser with enhanced screen size and bandwidth
Browser specifically for frequent users of -with matching theme!

Assignment 6  Topic Based Sites

Identity Crisis
yes, there are differences among Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.This site will help you to identify.
1956 Freedom Fighters
The Hungarian Revolution
Facial Expresion
Patterns on your face...I think not! (This ungreatful computer broke my heart)
See how a pair of Moqui Marbles can change your whole life...
Robots: A Showcase-Past, Present and Future
Robotic Show Flyer?: In Reality : A Whirlwind Tour of Some Lighter Robotic Moments, Characters and Recommendations
Satellite Surfing
Advance through a multimedia tour of ancient observatories based on real-time coordinates from the International Space Station.
The Dubious Legends of the Martini
Martini history, recipes, and 'shaken or stirred' what's the difference?
The Video Game Art museum
A QTVR gallery of video game art.
throw out the tea party
a look at three kinds of tea it pinky up or pinky down? SD

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

Browser Downloads
Explorer Downloads
Netscape Downloads
Promotion Robotics Show December11,2003
Directions, info robotics show
cross browser compatability chart
which browsers support which style sheet attributes
javascript cross platform for sound - wilson workaround
I wrote a routine that will perhaps work with all browsers
links to sites with style sheet compatability info
seybold conference link
web sites on art and race
Mendi Obadike and Keith Obadike Blackness for Sale <> Interaction of Coloreds <> keeping up appearances, a hypertextimonial <

PC -  Gif Animator
 Microsoft Gif Animator
people were really into this
UnFREEz 2.1
PC Imagemap Programs
Imagemapic 2.0
This was popular, I have others if this doesn't work
PC - Sound Program
Audacity 1.0
There are more, but people hate them
Javscript program
Drew rollover and onClick image swap
PC - Webcam

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