Yoshi Kawai
Art 511
September 24, 2002

Meta Competition

Web Event 1


1. Visual Appeal & Effectiveness

This site is coherent because many different artists are brought together, but the site has the same overall feel. Most works appear in the same window, with the same color scheme. Each artist has an enlarged page for the work, as well as a page for artistic statement, technical statement, and process.

2. Information Design & Navigation
There are two ways to navigate to each artist: one through the artists index, the using a next arrow. This particular site does not make use of outside information sources.

3. Meeting the challenge of technology
Because the artistic works need a lot of bandwidth, a user would need a fast internet connection. This gives the artists a broad exposure they would not otherwise have.

4. Cultural context of the Web
Many artists put there arts into the one web page. Without limitation, artists create different styles. Sometimes it is funny and also makes the audience think deeper. Without limitation, these artists make their art. We can watch more interesting international animation without going to the movie theater anytime.

Web Event 2

1. Visual Appeal & Effectiveness

This web page is also coherent. There are many inmate's profiles and U.S. Criminal of Justice.
Dialogue circles have sign and move around like bubble. It is not only picture but also sound of voice of inmates and 3D effect.

2. Information Design & Navigation
The 360 degrees sign turn around like a key to open more to show information. Another cycle takes the viewer to different categories.
Each picture of an inmate has a real life history. There are well-organized in structure.
This web page has a contact site for people interested in their work. They are asking for help in local area.

3. Meeting the challenge of technology
It is hard to connect without a fast internet connection. They could connect anther jail or justice system from all over the world.
Can make live picture from inside of the jail. People can talk about their idea on the web.

4. Cultural context of the Web
They show us justice and inmates are not special and shouldnt hide behind bars.
We could think about what is the best way to prevent crime. Each one of us could respond for own community. We could connect them as world wide level.

Non Traditional Web Event

All these cool thing makes me really upset. The web can be sophisticated, but content of these sites is like Fox TVthe worst of
TV. These aren't really different from the regular TV programs.