Close up of Hardware for the Linemaster v.2.2

The initial assignment sounded so simple: To construct a device using a low-tech approach. Essentially, we were to jury-rig a device which would be capable of sending and recieving messages. We could assign a code to our system, or any other type of communication, as long as it was possible to travel really, really far away (the distance from SFSU library to the Gym).

Unfortunately, ideas were hard to come by. Of course everyone thinks of using flags or lights, billboards or binoculars, but we decided to use a different approach. Thus the "Linemaster v.2.2" was concieved.....(The world may never be the same after this!)

By using what supplies were available in alocal hardware store, we came up with using the idea of a "laundry line communication". This was a relatively low-tech and inexpensive experiment. Thus, we thought that the Linemaster v. 2.2 would be a hot commodity in the world market place. Simply set each end of the pole to the specified location and use the paper and clip to attach messages to send and recieve! A piece of twine was used as the wire between poles, and the user was required to pull the line to get the communication.

Future versions of the Linemaster will include improvements of the line, a new rotating wheel to facilitate in the locomotion of the message and taller poles which will keep the twine gathering interferance and noise and aid in keeping it upright.....

Lorelei helping set up the line system for the Linemaster

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