I'm a dog in a sweater and I'm here to tell you about some really awesome websites.
I would first like to talk about a site not particularly framed as art, though it could easily be considered so. I have no knowledge as to the purpose of this site, though I doubt it really matters. It is commonly believed that a good website has to encompass certain qualities such as clearity, easy to navigate menus, and noble intentions. But Superbad tries it's best to completely confuse it's viewers, and does so beautifully.

The second site I would like to feature is a selection from the Honorary Mention in Net Excellence section of the 2002 Ars Electronica awards. It is by Kenneth Hung and much of the site features strange images of Chairman Mao being all crazy. This is probably the coolest thing EVER.

And last but not least, www.netbabyworld.com, was also taken from the Honorable Mention section of the Ars Electronica category. This site is loads of fun.