What are we about?

Have you noticed the world is getting crazy these days? Are you tired of having no time to enjoy the little things in life? Are you frustrated with deadlines, unfinished tasks, and feeling disorganized? Are you just unable to wake up in the morning for an appointment or a class? The Information Exchange is the solution. We offer a variety of services to better connect YOU with YOUR needs. Through the use of an extensive DATA BASE, The Information Exchange will monitor and provide for your every desire. Pick from several packages of service and begin the journey to a new and independant life.


Qualified service technicians can provide the following amenities:

Gold Membership-Package One:

Begin with a full 3 hour consultation, after which you and your represenative begin the path to new freedom. You will benefit from the full array of services around the clock. Enjoy Access to the 24 hour your needs hotline and full access to the DATA BASE. Once you experience a gold membership of The Information Exchange, you won't know how to function without it!

Bronze Membership-Package Two:

Begin with a 1 hour consultation, after which you and your representative begin the path to new freedom. You will benefit from select range of services from monday to friday 7:00 am to 4:00pm. Access to the DATA BASE. is by appointment only.

Silver Membership- A La Carte Menu:

Our representatives are available to help you on an hourly basis. If you decide that intermittent service is all that you need, choose this option. Personal representation is subject to availability. Please be advised that our services are addictive, and upgrade options may take up to 6 weeks to complete.

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