Would you communicate with a message in a bottle?

Communication has gone high tech these days. So high tech in fact, you might not feel like a person without your cell phone or email address.

What would the world be like without advanced communication?????

In this experiment, a team of mad scientists devised a plan for secret messages to be sent across a distance of 600 yards. The scientist team consisted of Dr.Kigali Karen and Dr. Minestrone Mike. They each wrote secret messages in milk. The writing was invisible when dry, but could be later deciphered with a flame.

Working in military fashion, the team came up with two redundant systems to assure success. Dr. Kigali placed two waterproof boxes on either end of the field, one blue, one red. She created corresponding blue and red marked bottles to hold messages. In order to protect her identity, an anonymous note was placed on the boxes. The notes contained directions for the people who passed to follow. Red marked bottles were to be transported to the red box at the opposite side of the field. Blue marked bottle were to be transported to the blue box at the opposite side of the field. The bottles were floated in water to draw attention and encourage curiosity in on-lookers.

Dr. Ministone tried a slightly different tactic. Going for a more covert operation, he targeted people with a subtle awareness. The Dr. placed his secret messages in envelopes, and dipersed them. Outside the envelopes were images, or words such as CONFIDENTIAL. Inside the enveloped were maps with an arrow to direct people on drop off locations. The image to the right shows the good Dr. himself reading a secret milk message with a flame.

The following are critical discoveries made by the two Doctors:
  • 3 of 4 bottles were successfully carried to their destinations
  • some letters were picked up, but none were delivered to their destinations
  • because these systems relied on other people, the time required is difficult to estimate
  • messages could not be deciphered on a windy day because of the flame going out
  • Dr.Kigali's system had the aesthetic appeal of a pickle jar, but Dr. Ministrone's letters could be construed as aesthetically pleasing in a minimal way.

Names of people included in these documents have been altered to protect those concerned.

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