Jody Zellen provides eye candy for graphic artists and the world at large.

As you open her site, you are treated to colorful graphics, and floating imagery. Ms. Zellen does not designate your path, but entices a visitor to interact with her graphics. You must move the cursor over graphics and discover what can be clicked on. The format of her pages will vary but there is a consistent flow among them all. Some of the images bring up poetic text when clicked on, some bring up images. All of the material illustrates a chaotic and illusive quality. She makes excellent use of the media so that you are not distracted by technical problems or flow.

Navigating on this site does not follow a linear path, and it can be hard to remember how to get back to an image. This is another effective way for the artist of this site to bring her point across. She allows the viewer to walk along her wording with a scroll bar. Some of her images appear alone, and some appear in a succession. Text will come up in a long series of pop up windows, forcing you to slowly absorb them. There is a rythmic interaction between the text and images that works as a whole.

I highly recommend a visit to this site. Ghostcity extends the possibilities of the web as an artisitc medium.

The Black Lung

Bill Hill presents an interesting sculpture that is related to the technological age. The Black Lung is a kinetic sculpture that was shown in Siggraph 2000. It id 4 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot, and worth a look. hill explains his interests in “Techno Darwinism” and talks about the evolutionary process that we may under go as we move into the technological age. You can almost image the many mutations that he might come up with.

The Backcountry Web Site

One of my favorite web sites is for The Backcountry ski and bike shop in Lake Tahoe. I am likely biased because it is my brother's store and I have worked on adding products to the site. I was not the web designer, but had some input in recreating this site this past year. Previously it was information laden with too many flashing buttons and banners everywhere. The current site is visually appealing to me because of the images of the lake and backcountry areas of tahoe. The images are used graphically to fill the opening page. I like the consistent flow of all of the buttons on the left which provides drop down lists of different activities. I like the openess to interaction because of the message board, and the slide shows that are open for submissions. There is also personal info on people behind the scenes.

This site seems fun to me to navigate because of the ease of flow. I would use it as a base for weather, ski conditions, places to go, or technical advice for products. I would go to The Backcountry Web Site just to look at the photos.