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Keeping track of those close to you has just become easier. Trail Blazer™ is a revolutionary system that conveniently allows you to find the whereabouts of your children, spouse, family member, lover(s), etc. Driven by nanotechnology and the Internet, this system tracks and predicts the journeys of those you care about so that you know exactly where they are - or should be.

Sometimes your loved ones are just out of reach via telephone. Trail Blazer™ can help. In conjunction with Nanotek Robotics, the brainbot™ was developed to enter the "target person's" biological system by ingestion. The nearly invisible robot does all the work to record and relay visual information that passes through the visual apparatus (eyes,optic nerves,brain). This visual information is remembered in the brain as protein combinations housed in the temporal region of the brain.

Simply pack the brainbot™ into a morsel of food or drop into a favorite beverage for the "target person" to consume. The specialized robot was designed to instinctinctively run the "brain fingerprinting" program, a method that focuses on a specific electric brain wave, called a P300, which activates when a person sees a familiar object.The brainbot™ is so minuscule that they won't even notice that they swallowed an entire robot! Their travels and journeys are automatically logged into our Center of Travology that houses virtual maps and destinations.

How it works:

Trail Blazing™ process:
The Trail Blazer™ is a computer program that stores information translated from protein codes that arise with specific visual memories. Initially, the location must be visited to be logged into the database. Upon arrival and situation in one locale for over 20 minutes, the brainbot™ of the "target person" initializes its recording mechanisms:
1. Camera turns on to record surroundings in field of view
2. brainbot™ microchip reads protein codes that correspond to visual cues
3. Coded information relays to Center of Travology as data to be logged and filed for recognition
4. Center of Travology updates you of "target person's" journeys via Internet Account
Note: All locations must be visited at least once to be recognized as repeatable data. The brainbot™ can predict potential journeys upon recollection of specific location. A single memory sets off its signature protein combination that is unique to the specific location and is logged into your database accordingly. What you do with the information is totally up to you. We are not responsible for any reprocussions that may arise from this convenience of data. Immediate access to information and loved ones can be at your fingertips!

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