Home Surgery Made Easy

Take your life into your own hands! Home surgery allows you to have complete control over your body or those who trust your surgical resourcefulness. Who needs doctors? Their bed-side manners suck and those quacks are just in it for the money anyway. Your loved ones will appreciate the immediate care and the minimal financial impact versus unnecessary and extravagant hospital bills that can haunt you forever. General surgery is made easy in this do-it-yourself site and recovery can be enjoyed in the comfort of home.

The art of home surgery has been practiced since the beginning of time. From caves to battlefields to kitchens, surgical practice has now come back home to you.

Home Surgery Made Easy specializes in step-by-step procedures on:
Body Piercing
Limb Amputation
Eye Surgery
Rib Removal

Sites from home surgery practitioners:

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Disclaimer: The Home Surgery Made Easy site is for reading entertainment only. DO NOT attempt any of the aformentioned procedures. All health related issues should be checked out by either a eastern/western medical doctor or your local voodoo witch doctor with proper credentials.