sociaForm™ can help!

Too shy to talk to people in a social setting? Make yourself noticeable in any situation.

Body language can be confusing and frustrating. The crossing of arms or flipping of hair can easily be misconstrued as boredom or flirtation. With the sociaForm™ outfit, there's no mistaking your intentions and inquiries.

Test runs showed clear gestures up to 600 yds away with the bold color clothing. The transition between statements and inquiries were confusing at first until the flow of the "conversation" was established. You'll get the hang of it quickly.

sociaForm™ is made of 100% plastic. An added feature that's great for people with phobias such as:
-fear of human contact
-fear of germs
-fear of going outside

Simply slip on any of the pieces of the uniform to help you get your point across. An easy-to-follow chart allows use of formulated questions and answers with the clothing combinations. In addition to your personal gestures, you're sure to get your message across!

Sample Questions:
"Did you fart?"
items: yellow sleeves and boots
gesture: shake your ass

"Do you like porno?"
items: yellow sleeves, boots, apron
gesture: dry hump closest object

"Hey, how 'bout a date?"
items: blue gloves, yellow boots
gesture: clench fists in desperation

Sample Answers:
"That's none of your business."
items: blue gloves and gown
gesture: cross arms on chest

"Sorry, I'm into guys."
items: blue gloves, blue gown
gesture: sashay away

"Sorry, I'm into girls."
items: yellow boots, yellow sleeves
gesture: kick annoying dude in the nuts

Pick up a sociaForm™ outfit today and become the social butterfly you always wanted to be. People will notice - you!

sociaForm™ is proudly sponsored by Lysol™, America's defense against germs and other sleazy things.