Web Cam Jamming

The webevent was a performance exercise. In Web Cam Jamming, there were a couple of scenarios partners, Julia Reodica and Mike Rich, enacted throughout the semester. We logged onto the iVisit site to join various chat groups ranging from education to adult. What we challenged was the conformity of a space that potentially could have been more demonstrative by all participants. We were disappointed to see visitors and members engaged in the most boring of conversations and social settings.

Clad in various masks (stockings, surgical masks, etc.) and juxtaposing the camera towards specific body parts, we interrupted mundane and uneventful rooms, asking politically charged questions or posed as social outcasts to elicit emotional/social/human response from the comatose audience. Maintaining our characters and after much cajoling and patience, some people responded with quick-witted jabs or on-camera laughter. But before anyone could continue with the conversations, the room mediator had kicked us out of the room despite the fact that we had not done anything but liven up the atmosphere. We were kicked out of 6 rooms by the end of the semester. In our very first session, we were stalked from one country site to another by an exhibitionist who really wanted us to interact with his *special friend.* The quick display of one's genitals to a complete stranger only proved that people try to find any way to seek attention and still think they can remain ≥anonymous≤ on the web.

In insex, we recruited grasshoppers to inhabit a bar tableau in the adult section. Most visitors to the category usually expect to talk about or engage in sexual activities with (a) human participant(s) verbally, textually or visually. In the insex room, visitors arrive at the bar room scene. There is a likeness of Isaac (the bartender from the Love Boat TV series), an array of plastic toy soldiers enacting a war, and two couples of grasshoppers engaging in tireless matings, a natural ongoing activity they do in their own insect colony. What it observed and played upon is that carnal intrigue is every where, and the audience is large and diverse, even in the newest of technology.