At last you have found the oasis you have been looking for in your retired days. We here at eAcres are striving to bring you the latest technology so that you can grow old peacefully, in the comfort of your own home. That is right! No more rest homes, no more nurses, eAcres takes away all the discomfort of the old brick and mortar rest home.

The New Revolution In Rest Home Technology

Since 2010, we here at eAcres have worked on bringing you the new age of retirement facility that doesn't require you to leave the house you feel you should be allowed to grow old gracefully in. No expense has been spared in the effort to bridge the nursing home experience with that of a daily trip over the Internet. For a simple low monthly fee you can experience the pleasures of eAcres web community! Here are some of the benefits:

Also, we at eAcres have been pioneering the field of computer aided peripherals. We are proud to present two of our most desired devices:


In conjunction with The Craftmatic Corporation we here at eAcres are moving to new boundaries with Firewire 5 technology! The new eBed is not only the pinnacle of comfort and style, it also includes these amazing features:


A revolution in the making with The Merck Corporation, the new eMeds make it so that you don't have to go to the pharmacist to have your medicine made for you. The new eMeds drive has the capability to synthesize most common drugs found on the market. Developed strictly for eAcre's patient use, this drive takes away the need for you to leave your house to get much needed medicine. Plus, with it's new port on the eBed the eMeds system can be injected or ingested with ease!

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Just look at the following testimonials!

Dear eAcres,

I had been searching for years for the right place to send my aging father now that he has acquired his Microsoft retirement certification. I couldn't find a place that seemed to suit all his needs. That was when I came upon your amazing establishment! You took everything I hoped for him and you made it so easy and comfortable! He loves to spend the day chatting with his friends and his skills at eBocce have grown immensely! I cannot thank you enough eAcres, you have become a special part of my fathers final days. Just look how happy he is in his photo!


Damon Sajacks

Dear eAcres,

We here at the Vatican had been using our own retirement facilities for centuries. Then, by the grace of God, we came across eAcres. It takes something as tremendous as this project to get the entire church involved. Now that we have the majority of our cathedrals and monasteries on the Holy Ethernet we can use eAcres to it's fullest potential in our resting days.


Pope, John Paul V