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A way to reduce stress in a person's body is to do some excercise. In studies shown that if a person exercise more in there life, the body is strong and can releave the stress they encounter. Also, they may have a healthier body without all that stress.

Today, some students try there best in being healthy while they are in school. As for me, I find myself busy with too many things to do in my life. At my house, I have a room that is set up for doing my homework and working out. Because I do not have time to always go the gym, I excercise at home. I find it very convient for me to stay healthy and fit, and studying when I have my own personal gym at home. But that's just me.
In the web cam page, I have a documentation of my home office and home gym. THerefore, I advise those who are interested in staying fit and studying in a busy life schedule to work out at home if there is space for those excercise equipment at home. Also, I recommend if you are looking for excercise equipment, check out www.Ebay. com they have good deals on there products. I would not pay full retail price on those equipments. http://www.ebay.com