Bruce and Gavin's online venture into the not-so-truthful world of online dating, I just hope these big studs don't kick our asses when they find out whats up those mini-skirts
Ask the Oracle 
Webcam Assignment
Cory's Webcam Event 
The link of my picture may change, if so search by my AIM screen name m00gb0y or OUC name Shout_At_The_Devil
Henry Liu 
We can look at the archieve images from the webcam to see the varieties of angles this studio uses it's webcam
Cool webcam site
Loralie Webcam 
Study and Fitness
Loralie: webcam sites 
Interesting webcam sites
Roberts pick-- Taxi cam 
who's in the taxi in Aspen, CO right now?
See live seals! posted by Bruce Aguirre 
This is the best live cam that actually has something worth streaming-SEALS! The resolution is great, the camera seems to follow movement too. If the realplayer link doesn't work follow this one:
The Shrine to my Pet Site 
Check out Louise's personal page!
The western wall 
Wicked rad cam of the western wall.
Web Cam Jamming 
Web Cam performance collage
Web cams at day care?! - 
Is surveylance becoming more and more acceptable?
Yoshi Kawai 
Assignment 4: web cam and video events
Zack Onisko 
Project 4: Web Camera based event
cool/scary web cam site from robert 
if you are thirsty...
cory's cam pick #1 
A friend's site where you can see her birds and macs and vote for a new camera angle
cory's can pick #2: SF Gate camviews 
live views of SF traffic spots that just beg for someone to use in a preformance art piece
desktop kitsch 
our desktop culture--finding a way to database our trivia
surveillance camera players 
webcam hijacking and performance
webcam trip around the world 
every 5 seconds a new one
webcams & terrorist fears 
a sf web cam ceases for fear of terrorist useage