Blake's Kitty Cam

Now, I know what you are thinking:  "how precious, and I've never seen a cat webcam before..."  Well, I agree it's not the most original idea, but the its most important aspect is its implications.  

jumping cat
Humans interact with their non-human counterparts in many ways, many of them destructive.  We chow down on everything from bacon cheeseburgers to fois gras and then go home to Tabby and Spot, rarely thinking about the distinctions between the two.   Is there one?  Well, each species serves a purpose in our lives:  some are fit only to eat, others can live with us but also fuction as our property.  I would like to deconstruct this notion of the non-human animal as either personal property or commodity.  Just as we do not classify people as such, we should not classify non-persons as such.  We live in symbiosis with thses animals--especially the ones who provide us with companionship.  Though we feel like we give a lot to them, they give back infinitely.  They also sacrifice both autonomy and instinct to assimilate our existence.  We should be grateful.
In this project, I will demonstrate my interactions with my own companion animals through the basic activity of play.  Through play, both myself and my non-human companions display our basic reponses to stimuli.  The cats get to show off their hunting skills while I get to show off my cognitive abilities.  We both learn to anticipate each others moves, both intellectually and intuitively.  Furthermore, we get to deconstruct our relationship within the context of both our shared space and our shared environent.  Though I provide food and shelter to these felines, they still crave the hunt--an experience that I can simulate but not entirely replicate.  In this way, play becomes something unique, not neccesarily dependent on instinct or intellect.  It is also fun.  While it is certainly an outlet for the feline's energy, it is also an outlet for mine, alieviating everyday stress and anxiety.
jumping dog

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