Touch "senseless is a place for humans to experience a stranger alternate reality." "In the inter_skin project the body becomes the interface for communication between the participants. It becomes an "interskin" to convey, exchange and receive information." "Many  cultural theorists claim that the physical body is becoming irrelevant and obsolescent in the cyberage. "

Sight The audience is surrounded by four video projections on three walls. Two of these move across the wall, while two other projections are fixed in place. The movement of the projections is caused by two members of the audience.

Smell Scents of Space "When we see we remain what we are; but when we smell we are taken over by otherness."
Horkheimer and Adorno

Taste The Babel of Food.

Hearing Akitsugu Maebayashi has focused on auditory sense as an interface between the body and the environment, and has created installations as opportunities for personal experience.


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